Alaska Fishing At Its Best!
Casa de Kings, being the premier lodge of the Beautiful Cook Inlet - Kenai Peninsula, enables it's clients week after week to enjoy the ultimate thrill of hooking and fighting trophy size King Salmon, Giant Halibut, and Silver Salmon, with home cooked meals, and plenty of Alaskan hospitality.

Featuring more than 30 years of experience fishing for the Giant Halibut and King Salmon, the Mertzweillers are U.S. Coast guard licensed and insured captains, operating safe and spacious boats, with quality tackle and sophisticated navigational equipment.

DEEP WATER ALTERNATIVE!   Come and enjoy SHALLOW WATER FISHING - Where you fish with your fishing pole in your hands. Learn techniques for cagy HALIBUT, learn to feel the bottom as you drop your weight size as the tide decreases, THIS IS FISHING! Halibut Water depth 30 feet to 100 feet most of the time. SALMON FISHING is GREAT in SHALLOW WATER, 4 feet to 25 feet. LOTS of MULTIPLE HOOKUPS, Fish are real EXPLOSIVE in these depths. Come give us a try, You don't know what your are missing! See our client photos page. The proof is in the pudding!


For More Info Call: 907-252-7484

24485 Sterling Hwy  
Anchor Point, AK 99556


Phone: 907-252-7484


Monster King Salmon

Captain James with Huge King Salmon
Captain James

Alaska Halibut Fishing


Alaska Halibut Fishing



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